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Time was thrown at the wind

Yesterday ended the Camp Nano and it took me literally forever to even begin to write. So yesterday I decided to finally reach my 50k goal, and I succeeded. As usual, I also left the validating to the very last minutes so I validated one minute before midnight. Kind of a heart-attack moment but did it anyway, with 65,494 words.

In November I had no clear idea what to write, so I wrote a lot of different things, and in the camp I followed the same, though yesterday I did start writing a completely new one. If anyone remembers Adam, well, I thought maybe it's time to start one of the short-stories in Adam's world. I'm pretty happy how that story is turning out. I wasn't really sure what it was going to be about at first, but as I kept writing, the ideas just popped in to my mind. I have to say, this might be actually the one that ends my Adam-saga... I'm bit sad, but there's still whole lot of work to be done once the whole series is finally wrapped up in a neat package.

As for other stories, there was this one which was also a dream, and I started to write that but somehow writing it in Finnish stopped inspiring, so I just dropperd it. Maybe one of these days I keep continuing with it because I kinda like the idea in it. Bit of Full Metal Alchemist and Shingeki no Kyojin inspired, when it comes to the world, taking some elemnts from them too, but otherwise I try to keep it pretty normal without any fantasy or other oddities. I also tried to continue my 2013 Nano, but as usual, I got annoyed with it the moment I opened the document because the two dorks in that one... They annoy me at the moment too much so I'd be able to continue that one.

Because this camp was so problematic in some ways, I'm really considering dropping the next camp off from my list and just focus on other things, and gather inspiration for the November Nano. Would be a wise idea. No matter where II'll be, I will participate in November. Not gonna drop my own little traditions now.

Ta, Z.

No turning back now

So maybe I should update this old thing for change.

October. Can't believe that a year has almost gone by. I feel like I've achieved nothing but that's not quite the truth. Aside from participating to both Camp NaNo's I've also graduated from school as a library assistant, spent time with my friends, gone to Brussels once again, volunteered once again in a festival here in Finland, been bitten by a hedgehog, gotten crazy ideas, done less writing, read even less books, spent too much time on tumblr and played too much The Sims 3.

There's the update of my life. As of now I do nothing overly intelligent. Still keep meeting up with friends, still play too much The Sims 3 and watch too much all kind of series (not to mention the growing list of series I should start watching).

I do regret that I don't write more, or at least write something on regular basis. I've come to notice over the year that it is easier for me to write things in to a notebook rather than type them using a computer. I don't know why, maybe it's because with a computer I get so much more distracted than when using pen and paper. I have several note books where I've started things, plans and all sort of stuff that I should maybe also put in to the computer but I'm lazy on that matter. To type all those words again to a Word document is pain in the ass. One day maybe.

The main focus for now though is the upcoming NaNoWriMo 2014. I have a new plot there, one which I hope stays around 50k words because I don't wish it to expand too long. Also because it's only a collection of letters to the main character, of who no one will get to know nothing for now. Keeping things in the mystery. I am also going to continue my last years NaNo-novel, so I will have a busy month ahead of me. I just hope that I actually get to finish my actual NaNo-project during the month so that I can say I've finished yet another book. One, which I have plans to get published as well. That's what I'd like anyway, let's see what will actually happen.

I'm confident about this years NaNo even though my friend from belgium decided to have the most inconvient time to move in to Finland. Sorry mate, you did. But I'm not worried about my progress either, I don't have anything else to do, no job in the sight at them moment, so it leaves my days and nights free for writing.

Tha'ts all for now. Feel free to comment.

Ta, Z

It's not the end. It's THE END!

Horribly lazy to update this thing during a NaNo-month, I know.

I ended up with 130,077 words. I am proud of that, really proud. First time in six years writing in Finnish, the goal was to hit 50k and I did it.

I did have my doubts. I was so sure that I would not even get 10k during the whole month because I have a hate relationship with Finnish. Yeah, I have spoken Finnish for my whole life and so on but I started disliking it for some reasons when writing, it sounded ugly to my ears (at least when I wrote it) and ermm.. Well.

Anyway, the past November taught me wrong. I can write in Finnish, I can get 50k in Finnish and Finnish is not actually such an ugly language. Funny, isn't it?

The story has still not been finished, I probably have another 50k-100k to write before it's finished but I have time to finish it in slower pace. Then edit it. Then edit it again. And then maybe give it to someone to read. And then edit it again.

Maybe publish.

But we'll see.

Ta, Z

To kill or not to kill?

Hello. I am a writer and I have a problem with killing my characters. In this case, only one.

One of my MC's is about to lose his father. This particular MC is mentally unbalanced, emotionally defective and downright depressed person who is making living in army, like his father (don't ask me what he's doing in army, because honestly, I'm not sure if a case like him would ever make it there). This particular MC has a lot of issues, he's gay and does not realize obvious things even when his father sets the facts on to the table.

Then his father dies. Because exploding pineapple.

MC goes downhill after that.

He's saved by the man he "hates" the most. In reality, he is actually in love with the man, but you know, emotionally defective.

Things happen, good, bad, in-between.

I still haven't decided if I kill this man too, who also by the way happens to be one of my seven MC's.

If I do, my MC might kill himself in the end.

But first things first: they need to safe the world.

Ta, Z

How I hate writing

November 12th, 11.27pm. 50,001.

Yup. It happened. Just in bloody time too. I was so panicked that I was shaking literally with excitement and worry. Now I have nothing to worry about. Besides, this might be the fastest that I have ever written 50k in NaNo before (if we count Camps too, if not, the fastest). This gives me now time to worry a bit about school too but I still try to keep writing like a mad(wo)man and try to hit 100k. We shall see if that happens. I do not want to get my hopes too up just yet. I set 60k as my next target.

The story still goes on, mostly now about only two of my main characters, but I can say that I have also managed to bring the China in to the story, which is superb. Only if I found the motivation to finish that one scene, heh. If I would jsut keep writing about the other five other MC's too...

So, time goes on et cetera. Time to keep writing the story.

Ta, Z

Dare me, dare you

Dare to myself: If I do not reach 50k by the end of 12th day (Finland time) before midnight, I shall do something. I do not know yet what, but whatever it is, I do it. So I'm kinda motivated to reach the goal. So close yet so far.

Writing's gone pretty well to this point. I've managed to write a bit more about other one of my MC's. He kinda surprised me with the fact that he's gay too, but I figured that he might be. It's the aura. They are really cute couple, though that's not the main focus (can't say the same from my staff sergeant MC (the one whom I have written that 22k about)). Then there's the general major MC of whom I have written things already that happen in the near future but I have not yet reached that far in the main story. Next I was planning on delving into fourth one of my MC's. Fun times.

Ta, Z